I am really excited about today's blog post because I had so much fun with this shoot. These pictures were shot by my good friends Sara...

I am really excited about today's blog post because I had so much fun with this shoot. These pictures were shot by my good friends Sara and Angel, who are both extremely talented photographers. We all went to University together and have collaborated as a team on projects for school, so it's safe to say we have a pretty fun dynamic when we're getting shit done.

Although this shoot took place more so to get together and catch up, I thought I'd might as well take the chance to make an OOTD post out of it. For that reason, it was a pretty casual outfit and doesn't consist of your typical "OOTD photos" but  I thought I would share them anyways!

If you've never been to my blog before, hi, hello my name is Laura and I am addicted to buying Men's clothing or anything extremely baggy. Oversized sweaters, flannels, t-shirts, you name it, I want it all. This shirt is no exception. Crooks & Castles is one of my top choices for street wear brands and this long sleeve is my favourite piece that I own by them. I purchased it in a Men's Small and it's the perfect fit!

Every time I put on my black distressed shorts I wonder why I didn't purchase them in more colours. They're so comfortable and they're the perfect casual-cool vibe that I always strive for, plus they're not overly 'cheeky' like most of my other shorts are. I've owned these for a few years now but it's not until recently I've found myself reaching for these ones over and over. I've been on the hunt for new shorts similar to these but can't seem to find the perfect pair, so if you have any recommendations, please leave me some!

These Vans are a new addition to my closet this Summer and I absolutely love them. I'm sure some people are tired of seeing Vans everywhere now, but honestly they are worth the hype. I love the skater look they give off and the fact that they're extremely comfortable is always a big plus, not to mention I got them on sale! So here's a pro-tip: try outlet stores that will sometimes offer an extra percentage off their Vans (I went to the Shoe Company) or if you have small feet like me, you can even get the youth one's that are sold at a cheaper price.

Shoes: Vans (from the Shoe Company) // Shirt: Crooks & Castles // Shorts: American Eagle

Photos by: Sara Haerian // AngelBert Abundo

And here's some extra photos featuring my beautiful best friend:

It's now mid-September which means Summer is coming to an end and your girl is not happy about it. It has been one of the craziest Summers of my life, full of ups and downs and crazy life changes. I always imagined 25 being a wild year, but even with everything going on, I didn't expect it to be this eventful. Although I am always grateful for the opportunities I've been given and the lessons I learn along the way, I'm pretty excited for this year to end and leave it behind if I'm being honest. But I have some pretty exciting things coming up in the next few months so hopefully the rest of 2018 won't be so bad... That being said, who's ready for pumpkins, scarves and wool sweaters??

Love, Lo xx

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  1. Those photos Sara and Angel took are fabulous! I the photos of you together and love the look of the casual outfit you were wearing. The distressed American Eagle shorts, Crooks + Castles sweatshirt and black + white Vans sneakers all look great together. Your hair and lipstick looked pretty. Great pics!!!


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