We've sadly had, what seems like, an endless amount of gray days as of late and just when I thought all the snow was gone for good...

We've sadly had, what seems like, an endless amount of gray days as of late and just when I thought all the snow was gone for good, we recently had another snowfall and an ice storm... in mid-April!! How am I supposed to get ready for hot weather when everything still looks dead outside? I am so ready to pull out my Spring wardrobe but Mother Nature seems to have other ideas. As a continuous sufferer of fluctuating Ottawa weather, you have to be accustomed to incorporating both seasons into your outfits. 

You can tell I'm pushing the Spring attire by sporting ripped jeans and sneakers. Ripped jeans in Canadian winters aren't a thing unless you are a brave soul and dare to bare skin while it's -30. But since it's been floating around 0 degrees lately, I've slowly been reintroducing ripped jeans into my outfits. These are actually one of my favourite pairs of jeans so I'm thrilled to be wearing them again.

These Converse All Star Dainty low tops are a brand new addition to my sneaker collection! Honestly, these gave me a blister the first time I wore them but after breaking them in, I've had no problems. I already own a pair of white low tops and all-black high tops, but the thin soles on this particular style were the deciding factor for me, since they are less chunky and lighter to walk in.

What better way to stay warm with a massive blanket, I mean scarf, around your neck?  It is still windy as fuck, which can result in it being quite cold, so this blanket scarf really came in handy. Unfortunately, this scarf sheds a lot so I have to avoid wearing leggings/black coats with it, unless I want to become a walking fluff ball. It is very soft and cozy, however, so it's a great accessory to have on windy days. Unsurprisingly, I added my thick-knit beanie for extra warmth.

I'm not typically one to sport monochromatic looks (with the exception of all black) but how perfect of a match is this scarf with this Zara coat? This coat has been one of my favourites purchases this year, seeing as I haven't stopped wearing it. Although, here in Canada, this would not fly as a 'coat' because without the scarf, I was still pretty cold.

You can never  go wrong with a basic crewneck. This oversized sweater is lined with that soft, fuzzy cotton that's typically inside your favourite hoodie (you know what I'm talking about). It makes a good alternate choice when I don't necessarily want to resort to a hoodie but I want to stay as comfortable and cozy as possible.

Beanie - Aritzia // Coat - Zara // Sweater - All Saints // Jeans -  3X1
Shoes - Converse // Sunglasses - Marc Jacobs // Scarf - Zara

And of course, it wouldn't be a Tifflo photo shoot without some type of ridiculous picture to end it off. We ventured off to a skate park to test out my new camera lens and it's safe to say, I think I'm in love! Another reason for Spring to hurry up... I can't wait to take it out for more (lively) shoots in the future.

Until then, stay warm friends! I'll be in my bed until Spring decides to finally show  up... and stay.

Photos: Tiff

Love, Lo xx

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  1. You look fabulous rocking that eager-for-spring chilly weather OOTD! All of the outfit pieces look stylish being worn together That IS brave wearing ripped jeans and no socks in zero degree weather! The Converse All Star Dainty low top sneakers look very light. I love all of your outfit photos - that last one is especially great!


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