Welcome to my blog! It means so much to me that you're visiting. Blogging is something I've been doing since I was 13 because it's always been a fun way for me to express myself creatively. I graduated University with a IT degree in media & design in 2015. Come along with me on all my adventures involving fashion, beauty, travelling, and all the other little things that make me who I am.

"There's no place quite like here. There's no better time than now." - J.A.   
(photo by: soapyjuice)

About Me

My name's Laura, but you can call me Lo! I am 26 years old and currently living in Canada. I consider myself a full-time coffee addict and a part-time blogger/daydreamer. I am the living embodiment of a Cancer and a true ambivert. My favourite things to do are nap, dance like no one's watching, eat a shit ton of poutine, attend the occasional rave and explore the many countries and cultures of our beautiful world. If my headphones are in, I'm most likely listening to dance music or R&B. I don't watch a lot of TV but I'll always be happy to sit down and watch a hockey game (so Canadian it hurts) or start a Game of Thrones marathon - House Stark forever!! My resting bitch face may make you believe otherwise, but nothing makes me happier than meeting new people and exploring all the unique things that make them who they are. So let's be friends! Find where you can connect with me here.

All photos on this blog are taken by me unless otherwise stated.

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